Online Casino Withdrawal Limits

Quite often, those who are new to online casinos do not realize that there may be a withdrawal limit imposed by the casino they are playing at. Or, if they do, they don’t understand why this is necessary.

What Are The Limits?

Most players are very excited when they win, and their first step after a win is to make a withdrawal. Then they may discover that their withdrawal request is denied. First off, most casinos have withdrawal limits in place. What this means, is that there is a set amount of money that can be withdrawn by any one transaction. Or, it could apply to the accumulation of multiple transactions over a set period of time.

Withdrawal Limit Examples

Every casino has its own set of rules and regulations. These are overseen by the licensing commission that they are operating under. Part of these rules includes those for withdrawals. Some examples of common rules are:

  • Only a certain amount is allowed to be withdrawn in a day
  • A specific amount can only be taken out in a one week period
  • The casino may have a cap on the amount that can be withdrawn in a month.


In some cases, online casinos will have different withdrawal rules for their VIP players or high rollers. These types of players are often allowed to withdraw larger amounts and perhaps more frequently.

Maximum Cash-Out Limits

These may sound the same as the withdrawal limits, but they are slightly different. Here the rules will stipulate how much you can withdraw based on your deposits or the bonus money you received. These rules can be complex, and not every casino imposes them.

Know What The Rules Are

It is important you understand the terms and conditions fully when it comes to withdrawals, in order to avoid disappointment. Don’t assume that all the terms and conditions will be the same from one casino to another. Many of them have the same basic rules, but beyond that they can differ.

Review the terms and conditions before you decide to deposit at any online casino. This way you will know if the terms are acceptable.