You will agree with me that online gambling is increasingly becoming popular. While gamblers are accustomed to online casino games, these days, live dealer games are also becoming popular. But, for the casual gamer, telling the difference between the two is not the easiest of things.

In this article, we want to differentiate between online casino games and live casino games.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games have been here since the introduction of online gambling. There are different types of online casino games, from card games such as poker to table games and others like roulette.

One of the highlights of online casino games is that they are powered by an RNG (Random Number Generator). In other words, you play against an algorithm.

The advantage of online casino games is easy accessibility. You will find them in all the online casinos. Online casino games are also cheaper to play, as you can bet as little as a dollar. This is because of the low overheads compared to land casinos.

On the downside, online casino games are marred by cases of cheating, when the house manipulates the RNG to their favor. However, with the third party casino auditing organizations such as eCOGRA, trust is restored.

Live Dealer Games

Live casinos are quite new compared to online casinos. Just like online casino games, there are different types of live dealer games, including live poker and live roulette.

The primary distinguishing factor which separates live roulette from online casinos is the fact that you play against real players in real-time. There is no RNG software; a croupier in a real land-based casino is in charge of the game. The events at the casino are then streamed to the different remote players.

The main advantage of live dealer games is that it provides a more realistic casino experience. With technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), players can get the exact feeling as though they are in a casino in Las Vegas, yet they are tucked away in some remote part of the world.

But then, not all online casinos offer live dealer games and also, the stakes are quite expensive. The technology and framework in place to allow for real-time streaming are quite costly.